The Canadian town of Whitby is the headquarters of the country’s Durham Region and is located on the north shore of beautiful Lake Ontario. Whitby is quickly becoming an ideal location for living and conducting business in this technology-based world economy.

The population of Whitby has more than doubled since 1986 with approximately 17% of the populace being classified as minorities, including blacks, South Asians and Chinese. Most residents speak English, while French speakers constitute about 2% of the population and residents who speak Italian make up about 1%. The availability of a diversely talented workforce, quality educational institutions and lucrative business climate make the City of Whitby an ideal location for living and working.

Located only 30 minutes east of Canada’s financial capital of Toronto, Whitby has become a popular place to live and its skilled labor force makes it an attractive location for businesses. With world class educational and training opportunities, convenient transportation and competitive business costs, Whitby has a lot to offer and attracts residents with up-to-date skills and talents that make conducting business in Whitby very attractive to entrepreneurs all over the world.

With its ethnically diverse population and tech-savvy residents who comprise a talented labor force, Whitby has become home to many international businesses, including BMW, Makita, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Sony and others that rely on a work force of educated individuals who are up-to-date on Internet technology (IT) consultation and related services.

Computers and the Internet have completely changed the way people all over the world conduct their daily lives. With the advent of tablets and Smart phones, the Internet has become mobile and accessible anywhere and anytime and is an integral part of 21st century business.
Personal computers are in almost every home and office in Whitby and they make conducting business and maintaining our personal affairs so much easier than it has ever been before. That is until the computer freezes, starts displaying odd symptoms characteristic of viruses or completely crashes and stops working altogether.
The importance of reliable, competent and affordable computer repair professionals cannot be understated in today’s computer driven, technology based world.

The ever-changing nature of the computer industry and Internet technology requires companies who employ individuals who are tech-savvy and up-to-date with the latest Internet technology (IT) services, including computer repair, servicing and support. The qualified professionals at Eyes Everywhere are always on top of the latest developments and offer invaluable knowledge of computers, the Internet and all services related thereto.

The residents and businesses in Whitby rely heavily on personal computers and a variety of mobile electronic devices that make the Internet accessible almost anytime and anywhere. Some of the limits to using these important tools are the availability of electricity, malfunctioning electronics, networking problems and Smart phone batteries that need recharging. If it’s merely a recharging issue, the Smart phone is pretty simple to recharge, but locating and fixing other problems with computers, networks and other electronics, including those that arise with Smart phones, are tasks better left to professionals.

These annoying distractions can be caused by the presence of a variety of viruses that are designed to do nothing more than prevent your computer from functioning properly. If your computer is unfortunate enough to be invaded by “ransomware,” your critical data will be stolen and returned only after you pay whatever amount of money is demanded. This invader is particularly difficult to locate and remove and many business owners whose electronic devices are infected with ransomware just pay the money to retrieve their vital data so they resume normal business operations.